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Greetings, to both of my watchers! -:)

I'm changing my Email address (must be part of that 42 thing) from to FYI, Comcast's customer service SUCKS, and their technical service ain't much better. We've had three months of hell with signal problems that they either can't, or WON'T, fix. So, bye-bye cable guys!

DSL is already installed, tested, and running. It ain't perfect either, but the frequency and severity of errors is much lower, as is the price.

SO, for anyone that actually has my Email in their addy book, make sure to update it from to - I've also set up an address, but I don't really use it much.

Thanks for reading my blather!

Rochndil, with about 726 updates to go...
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Well, it's been a lot of years (since 9/10/96!), but I'm finally going to pull the plug on my old dial-up internet account. The service quality has just gotten too crappy, and the level of spam is unbearable.

So, in just a few minutes, the wheels will begin slowly turning to render back into the dust from whence it came.

That means that any traffic to my old homepage needs to now be redirected to, and any Email to rochndil (at) comcast (dot) net - crawler obscured, of course.

I can't say I'll miss the low speed and struggle to get a decent connection, but I definitely WILL miss the address, since I've had it for more than a decade. Oh well, life goes on, and so must we all.

Make sure to update your bookmarks and addy books. The webpage will be completely re-worked soon, so keep an eye on this space for an announcement.

Rochndil, no longer a concentric customer...

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