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Good morning!

I just happened upon this program the other day, and so far I've been quite impressed. yWriter is a novel/fiction project writing/outline/management tool. It helps organize a larger writing project (I'm currently working on importing "Marian's Road").

What I find most useful is that it has built-in lists of characters, locations, etc. You can use these, in conjunction with its "project" reporting tools, to see who is in any given scene, where it takes place, and even what time it happened. I'm still getting used to the program, and expect it will take me a while before I learn all of its features and how best to use them.

Even now, though, I've already found it extremely useful to help PLAN work that I haven't completed yet. For example, there's a critical chapter of "Marian's Road" I haven't written. BUT, I can put the chapter structure, and even the specific as-yet-unwritten scenes into the larger project, with all the appropriate planning notes, etc. You could sketch out the structure of an entire story, and then go in and write individual scenes as you might be inspired, without losing sight of your overall plan. Heck, I'll get a lot of use out it just remembering all my character names for me! :)

The program is available FREE from this site:

The author happily accepts donations, and offers bonuses for COMPLETELY OPTIONAL program registration. If you're working on (or planning) a larger writing project, I think you will find this useful. Happy writing!

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