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Whew, what a week.

Opal and I drove up to Asheville, and met with Leo, who flew all the way down from Minnesota. We cleared junk, trash, furniture, and recovered the occasional treasure from Opal's ancestral home.

Some of the highlights of the trip include:

- Recovering the front porch.
- Discovering that the linoleum in Opal's old bedroom was laid in 1950.
- Replacing the section of rotten flooring in Opal's old bedroom - the rest appears sound.
- Gutting the bathroom and replacing the floor and joists completely.
- Cleaning and properly seating the toilet (it's level even though the floor is NOT) - flushes with a bucket (no water yet), but that's still an improvement!

In total we cleared out the porch, 1.75 bedrooms, the bathroom, and the "step up" room. Our next trip should allow us to finally get the rear portions of the house cleared out, so those floors (and their framing) can be replaced. THEN we can install new plumbing and actually get the shower and such working again.

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