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Good morning!

I know I don't post nearly as often as I should, but usually there's not much going on in my life that's interesting enough to write about. Slogging through one week after another working and paying bills just isn't that interesting.

BUT, I did get to do something a bit different this week. While serving my civic duty as a juror (I never got picked), I had a LOT of time to kill, and no PC access (which always provides a way to waste an infinite amount of time). So, I got some reading done, and in addition to hacking through some of my magazine backlog, I also read the base Rolemaster Express (RME) book.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the company and system, Rolemaster is the SUPERB RPG produced by Iron Crown Enterprises. The system has gone through many changes since its inception, and RME is the latest. This ruleset is a simplification and condensation of the base Rolemaster Classic (RMC) rules (which hail back to RM2), and its creation has a dual purpose. First, it offers an excellent introduction to the game system, especially since it's packaged into a single slim (and very inexpensive!) book, complete with a starter adventure. Second, it serves to demonstrate that the system does NOT have to be mind-bogglingly complex, despite its reputation (but I *LIKE* mind-bogglingly complex!).

The great thing is that, while this ruleset is very condensed and simplified, it IS still Rolemaster, and transitioning from the RME rules to RMC or Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying (RMFRP) is quite simple.

I personally prefer the most complex ruleset, RMFRP, but I've played the older and slightly simpler RM2 for many years. I have very fond memories of those many late-night sessions, and hope to become an active gamer again one of these days.

My helm is off to Iron Crown, and all their astoundingly dedicated staff and contributors for a job well done. Even from a technical standpoint (and you know I can't ever take off my glasses-of-proofreading-true), the book is very good. I saw one small technical error and a couple of proofreading mistakes, but considering the scale of the job, and the generally poor quality of publications in these days of on-demand printing, I still have to give it top marks for content AND presentation.

Great job folks! Now I just need to get somewhere to collar a couple of young and impressionable gamers, and show them what a REAL RPG is like.

Rochndil, long-time Rolemaster and Iron Crown fan...
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